Feedback: BeBe <-- From the dog!?!?

Hello Mummy Tessa
It has been almost a week now since I left my home in South Wales and thought it was about time I wrote and let you know how I’m getting on.
Having chosen my new Mummy and Daddy (Mummy tells everyone I did that and I think she may be right…….) The journey home was very long, I whimpered for about ten to fifteen minutes but Mummy cuddled, stroked and spoke to me all the way and it made me feel a lot better, I wasn’t sick and I didn’t pee or anything! I found a little toy cat in the car and  I cuddled into it and my new Mummy!
When we arrived at my new home I was greeted by Bitzie the cat,  she is 19 and very deaf! I wagged my tail and tried to be nice but she decided to go behind the sofa, we didn’t see her for a few days, Mummy said she was sulking! but she is now coming out and watching me, well studies me really! I think she now wants to be my friend but she scares me! I play safe and and keep out of her way, I think we will be fine, Bitzie rules the roost…………….for now! What is a cat anyway????
I am eating well, Mummy is feeding me pedigree at the moment. She mixes a little meat with the biscuits which I really like, I tend to pick the meat out first and then go back for the dry food! Oh and I sneak some of Bitzie’s cat food when no one is looking – I keep hearing the word ‘no’ and am just starting to understand what it means!
I am walking very well on the lead which is really impressing Mummy and Daddy although I never walk very far and only for short periods! I almost walk to heal and even when they let me off the lead I walk with them or just behind them – they think I’m great and very clever because they haven’t taught me anything I do it all on my own! I impress them even more when I stop for a sniff, they carry on walking but as soon as they call me I run to them and sit by their feet – just how clever am I! They really do love me and do you know what? I do them too! I have met all of the family now and lots of people have come to meet me and have brought me presents, they all love me too – I think I will be very happy and I keep hearing Mummy and Daddy say how happy I have made them!
Tomorrow I am going to the vets to register and have a check up, Mummy & Daddy want to have a chat and get advice form the vet

 – they want to make sure they are doing everything right for me. I must tell you though they have renamed me BeBe! Daddy tried really hard to call me Boo Boo but it just didn’t happen so BeBe it is – Mummy thought of it as it is short for Bluebell!
Anyway Mummy and Daddy want to say thank you to you for providing them with the most beautiful Pup – the most beautiful girl in the world! I think that’s me………….
I will keep in touch
Lots of tail wagging and licks
BeBe xx