Puppy care information

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Your puppy has been wormed fortnightly from birth using panacur worming solution giving over three days


Last worming done at 8 weeks ………


Frontline spray given at…4 and ……8…….. weeks


Please make sure your puppy is wormed at 10, 12 and 15  weeks and


regularly thereafter.   Ask your veterinary surgeon for a worming and flea control programme.








Your puppy has had  the first part of the primary  vaccination at


7 weeks, given by our vets, Castle House Veterinary Surgeons,  with a vet check at the same time.   You will receive a vaccination certificate for this


Further vaccination is needed at 10 weeks, please telephone your vet as soon as possible and book your puppy in for the next vaccination to ensure continued immunity, do not take your puppy into public places until your vet advises you it is safe to do so


Your puppy has been microchipped, you will receive the chip details and must add your contact details online for your puppy as per instructions on the microchip card








Your puppy has been reared on Gelert Country Choice, chicken and rice complete  puppy feed and will come with some of  this feed.    We recommend that you continue to feed this.


At 8 weeks your puppy is on 4 small meals per day, these can be reduced to three then two as the puppy gets older, as per feed manufacturers directions.   PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGE IN YOUR PUPPY’S DIET UNTIL PUPPY IS 4 MONTHS OLD




.  Please give your puppy boiled or bottled water for the first few days until he gets used to the change of water.  ALWAYS make sure your puppy has clean fresh water available.   Changing homes is a very traumatic event for a young puppy, so please try not to overexcite or overexert puppy for the first few days, and make sure puppy is kept warm and draught free






Your puppy comes with 4 weeks insurance, the documents will be sent directly to you, we do recommend that you carry on with pet insurance for your new puppy




You will be given a small amount of homeopathic tablets to help boost your puppy’s immunity while inbetween vaccinations, give one on the evening of puppy’s first day, then  one morning and one evening for three days