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Castellan House Kennels,home of  your new family member,  open for visitors to see our delightful puppies and parents (please ring us prior to your visit during the week, we are available most weekends with no appointment, 12-4)

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shihtzu x bichon frise puppies, boys and girls 8 weeks on october 23rd




cavapoo puppies 8 weeks on october 26th

two gorgeous boys available


miniature schnauzer puppies have arrived 8 weeks on november 17th

boys and girls available



maltipoochon puppies, 8 weeks november 4th

Castellan House Kennels, seen on BBC TV Wales, well known, long  established licensed breeders of pedigree and crossbreed puppies for many years, specialising in low shedding puppies, suitable for most allergy sufferers

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  We are approved by Pembrokeshire County Council with a nationwide reputation for good quality, healthy puppies.

Castellan House Kennels is a long established, family run kennels open daily for viewing (except Mondays) from 12.00    all of our puppies can be seen with their mother and usually the father

 All of our puppies are vet checked and vaccinated with the first part of the primary vaccination before they leave us at 8 weeks or after, they will need one further vaccination at 10 weeks, our puppies are insured for 4 weeks, from the day of purchase,  wormed every two weeks from birth using Panacur wormer over a three day period, they are front lined regularly and paper trained and will leave us with feed and full details of their diet (which should not be changed until they are at least 12 weeks of age).

We are always available to offer help and advice both before and after you have purchased your puppy.

All of our puppies may be seen with both mother and usually father, and we do not offer stud services in order to keep to the very minimum any risk of infection to our puppies

 Our puppies are paper trained,  very well socialised and used to children (many thanks to all our grandchildren and their friends – who do an excellent job with puppies!)

We much prefer you to come and visit us, to choose your puppy and see puppy’s parents, but we also appreciate that for varying reasons this is not always possible, we are able to email photos of puppies and we do have the services of a professional, licensed pet courier, who offers a one to one personal service, in some cases we may be able to meet you with  puppy ourselves, and we can supply numerous references from happy puppy owners over the years!

PLEASE NOTE:  emails will be answered during office hours, up until 5.00pm, if you would like  a response in the evenings, please telephone us on  07981858101

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Hi Tessa


Pearl has been doing really well at the shows. We are so pleased with her although there is another puppy bitch out at the moment that is tough competition for her.

At St Brides Dog Show today Pearl won the puppy class then went on to get Best Puppy In Show and then went on to get BEST IN SHOW, so she also beat all the adults dogs, which doesn’t happen in dog showing very often because Best In Show usually goes to an adult dog.

See some pictures of her attached. We are so delighted with her.

She won at an open show last weekend and qualified for the South Wales Junior Dog Of The Year 2020, which is a prestigious event.


Steve Fellows

Eight months old tomorrow… she’s beautiful and so loved.Hope to come up and see you one day soon.Best wishes
Gill and Lily
Hi, thought it would be nice to forward a picture of Misty, china’s smallest we had off you last March. 1 year old on new year and has brought so much happiness to us all. She really is adorable..Mrs K Sutton
Hi tessa
We would lkke to wish you a very happy and healthy new year!
I also have to tell you that merlin is the most incredible puppy! He has won our hearts very quickly as you know already but he keeps on winning new friends every day because of his very sociable and also well behaved nature!
He has also got us to go for lovely walks again every day and we have rediscovered all our lovely beaches and as a benefit are now loosing weight again. Weight which we gained after we lost our last dog because of a rather more lazy lifestyle!
He has learned how to cock his legs and has changed nearly all his teeth whicn means he is still teething but he
understands “no biting” so my hands are starting to heal up, lol!
We have indulged him in some doggy puzzles and we make some up ourselves and he absolutely loves them.
He knows his toys and can bring the correct one if you ask him. He is just like a sponge and want to learn more every day. Living with 2 teachers he has landed on his feet!
We just want to congratulate you on this absolutely fabulous mix of breeds, we couldn’t wish for a better pet!
He loves the beach and equally is at home in town, walks well on the lead and today was brilliant in a coffee shop.
With love and gratitude from all 3 of us!
Hi Tessa,


I  have managed to take control of my Humans email whilst they are in bed.
Thank you for allowing me to choose them, they are not a bad family, and I look after them by walking them every morning and every evening. The little ones in the family I originally chose as my guardians have not been that reliable in letting me choose food or allowing me to take them out, but luckily the old ones in the pack are a lot more amenable to me taking them out a couple of times a day.
I even let the old ones feed me their leftovers from time to time, especially the bones after a family Sunday roast…
I generally sleep in my kitchen, although I have a selection of comfortable beds in each area of the house, however some times when the old ones have had a couple of bowls of wine, I keep them company I their nest – just to make sure they are okay, of course…
I have managed to convince them to buy me quality dog food from the local vet, so when I need to ‘do my business’ it is usually firm and not that smelly – Reckon it will keep me around a lot longer, and it seems to keep them happy…
Although I was quite stubborn and aloof when I first adopted them, I have worn down my family/pack and decided to become a more affectionate team member – bless them, they seem to be a bit insecure, and feel the need to stroke me, cuddle me and brush me all the time.
Luckily the older female of the pack works in my upstairs area, so I make sure I remind her to to take regular breaks throughout the day by jumping in her lap most afternoons – and de-stressing her by snuggling with her for a few minutes.
My other Alpha pack leader – the older pack male; I walk with him most mornings to try and keep him fit and stop him getting old, but he is much more active with me at the weekends – he even has this magic cupboard with glass doors that he goes in most mornings. It contains warm rain, and I have been taking him in it pretty much since I left you in Wales… it stops him smelling and keeps my fur free of dirt and seeds…  Everyone I meet seems to like the fact I am clean and well groomed – I wouldn’t have it any other   way… I have bought my humans a ‘Dyson’ warm wind blower device. It is so much easier than towels and all that nonsense
I am good friends with lots of other dogs in the village, luckily we have an extended pack and we take our humans out in the fields and woods regularly to make sure they have some sort of social life (we have to keep them moving on Sundays or they seem to become susceptible to a kind of grape juice illness that they get after drinking too much grape juice on a Saturday night)
Anyway, whilst they were sleeping in their nests, I thought it best to grab one of their many electronic devices and let you know that you made a wise decision letting me adopt them.
I have enclosed some selfies so you can see I am fit, healthy and pretty damn gorgeous
Dexter ‘dangerous’ Atkinson
 I asked the slave to send this picture so you can see I’m growing more handsome every day!I have established the rules of acceptable behaviour from my minions, who all adore me. My only complaint is the slow speed and long intervals between my meal preparations, but give me a few more weeks and I’ll have Alison and Alan trained.Thank you for giving me such a good start in life.  Please give my mummy a hug from me and tell her  she would be so proud of me. Alison has said she’ll bring me up to see you when she has blankets!Love
Barney xx
Hi Tessa
We collected a boy Poochon from you in April (not sure if you remember). We called him Ted, he’s doing really well and just had his Xmas pamper. I wanted to show you photo.
Merry Xmas

FB_IMG_1544737368219 Good morning,

 just thought I’d update you on Sasha’s progress.  It’s fair to say she is full of energy, very mischievous and doesn’t stop moving (only when asleep)!   Last week she passed her Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Class with 100%, which I am so proud of.  The course instructor said she is a very intelligent dog, and possibly the  most intelligent Schnauzer she has come across!  Due to her liveliness, it has been suggested that I do agility with her, which I will look into when she is older.
As you are aware, Sasha settled well into home life.  Molly, our Bischon, and her are great friends, even though Molly does sometimes get fed up with Sasha’s limitless energy and always wanting to play! She has fitted in well with us and she goes with me almost everywhere, I wish I could take her to work with me!   
Her coloring has changed slightly since we got her from you.  She has her first session booked in at the groomers at the end of the month! I hope she will remain still long enough for her to be trimmed (she is looking a bit scruffy at the moment)!
I attach a few photos taken this morning for you to see of her and Molly.  Thank you once again for letting us take this amazing dog home with us.
Kindest regards,
Emyr John
14-04-18 414-04-18 3
Hi Tessa, Just a quick line to let you know that the pups are settling in well and getting on famously with their other furry brother and sister. We were wondering about their parents… it mum or dad that is the Bichon? They are so lovely and all the family adores them already. Thanks very much for breeding them. Kind regards, Sandra

Hi tessa hope all is well with you ? Just thought I’d give you an update on how our baby girl is doing ! Well what Can I say lol , she’s totally bonkers , she’s so good and loves children and being around people she’s getting big lol I’ve added some pics so you can see how she’s getting on

Louise x  image3image4

Hi Tessa.Hope you are well! Thought I’d send you some updated photo of our beautiful boy! He is such a delight, settled in lovely and ruling the roost he’s definitely the alpha male, hates being left alone. He’s starting puppy class a week today, I’m sure he will love it.IMG_3664Bethan

Happy new year.  Just wanted to let you know that my family love me. I am well trained with impeccable manners and a lovely playful personality. I love long walks. I play well with other dogs. I completely get the 3 year old and what is hers and mine…and how to play dolls and dress up patiently and without ruining the game. My owners are very proud of how clever I am. Hi to my mum Alice ❤ tell her I am doing you all proud x

Betty Boo 

We would like to thank you once again for the puppy, she is a very happy part of the family. 20180315_102027 Hi Tessa


Hi thank you again for my adorable yum yum he is so affectionate and really happy he is eating and drinking we’ll he knows his name and comes to it when called his toilet training is coming on he loved the snow he only gets me up iñ the night for toilet he is in my bedroom in a canvas carryer which he accepted very quickly the word no works reasonably well he is so wonderful thank you i hope all is well with you from Pam Camm

Had to let you have this pic of Archie for your archives.  He’s 8 months now and can’t imagine being without him.

Best wishes

Julie Jones IMG-20180119-WA0003

Hi Tessa.

Harvey our 9 week old cockaoo is loving his new home hes already best friends with Herbie our 8 month shichon we had from you, also getting along well with our two bigger dogs, will keep dated with his process, still is a layed back dude also holding his own with play fights with herbie, Thanks for such beautiful puppies love them so much already!

Est wishes from Theresa & David

Hi Tessa,


Just wanted to wish you a happy new year and let you know that Ianto is settling really well into our family. He is very much loved by all. Thank you for all your good advice.
Cally and Ianto
IMG-20171229-WA0001 (1)

She has arrived…thank you so so much.   We love her… FullSizeRenderMerlot arrived safely in Bermuda (we did offer to deliver!)

Hello tessa. We thought we would give you an update on Benson and Toby who we brought it January 2016.They are both doing perfectly! Very lazy dogs and all they ever want to do is an hour walk and play then sleep all day. Perfect!



Thought I’d let you know Toby is doing really well 🙂 IMG_1260   Hiya Tessa,

Just a little pic attached to let you see Henry has settled in fine over last few days.He is a lovely dog with a fantastic temperament and i am sure lots of fun lies ahead of us.Will send you a grown up pic of him in a few months time,many thanks for such a lovely dog.
Dawn,Graham and Henry
Screenshot_2016-06-08-11-22-10 MOLLY AND POPPLE, TWO ADORABLE, FULLY VACCINATED GIRL WAUZERS, NOW WITH THEIR NEW FAMILIES HAVING LOTS OF FUN! IMG_6440see us on  youtube!     Thank you so much for Harry.  He is gorgeous and will be well looked after.  My cats are wary but not running away so think they will be okay.  Once again, thank you.
Judy Burgoyne IMG_0286

Hi Tessa,
We collected our caverpoo puppy from you 2 weeks ago, we’ve named her Cally.  We had an 8 hour journey home with Cally stopping twice for a break, Cally travelled well with no problems and settled into our home immediately.   Cally had her 2nd injection yesterday so her first experience of walking in the outside world is tomorrow.
I just wanted to say a big thank you for keeping us updated with Cally’s progress with photos and video while we were waiting to bring her home, she’s a beautiful puppy whose dearly loved not only by us but our family, friends and neighbours have all been won over by her, our grandchildren are here daily, our spare room has never been in use so much with children stopping over!
Thank you once again & our very best wishes to you and all at the kennels.
Kind Regards
Merlin has come on leaps and bounds
Thanks for my new forever home woof Merlin

Hi Tessa. Quick message to say that Angel has found her feet and loves playing with all the toys. Shes fast asleep at mo. Thankyou again for such a lovely puppy. Best wishes Gloria     Hi Tess   I hope you are well.   I am sorry for the delay in contacting you. It has been a busy couple of weeks, settling Henry in to his new home and routine.   What a beautiful little puppy, he is just absolutely wonderful.   We took him to DeMontfort vets in Evesham on Friday for his second inoculation, and we have had two wonderful weeks settling him in. He is mostly toilet trained, going outside regularly, and he has got into a regular eating and sleeping pattern too.   He is just absolutely adorable and I want to thank you for such a wonderful puppy.   I have attached a few photos for you,   I just wanted to touch base and keep in touch.   He is an absolute treasure,   Thank you so much, IMG_0264IMG_0324   Lucy x   Hi Tessa. Quick message to say that Angel has found her feet and loves playing with all the toys. Shes fast asleep at mo. Thankyou again for such a lovely puppy. Best wishes gloria

Hi Tessa I hope you’re well. It’s been almost two years since we first came down to see Mimi at two weeks old and we have been meaning to send you pictures ever since… We have finally got round to it so please see attached some pictures of our lovely little Mimi (the last one was taken today when she was chasing squirrels and the others are of her as she has grown up!). We get compliments wherever we go with her and cannot walk through St. Albans where we live without being stopped over and over again. She’s a very loving dog who enjoys nothing more than chasing tennis balls and squirrels then curling up between us on the settee!! Kind regards Georgina and Rich

  Hiya Tessa, Just a little pic attached to let you see Henry has settled in fine over last few days.He is a lovely dog with a fantastic temperament and i am sure lots of fun lies ahead of us.Will send you a grown up pic of him in a few months time,many thanks for such a lovely dog. Dawn,Graham and Henry xxx

Hi Tessa, just a quick message to let you know how our little socs is settling. She has taken over the whole of the house and already has her favourite chair. Settling in well and her next vaccinations are already booked. Would like to thank you so much for the care you gave her as a pup and how fantastic the service you provided while we visited  in the weeks previous to her coming home. Will keep you updated with her progress. Many thanks Anwen, Megs and family.

update on socs

She is 22 weeks old and as you can see she is an absolute beautiful ball of fluff. She attends puppy classes in cardigan with the Aberporth kennel club, she’s also had her first hair cut. She loves socialising and travels with us everywhere, always the first to the car!! We would like to thank you again and will call by for you to see her one weekend.

Just to let you know she has been great. Anne

Hi Tessa Hope you are well. Just thought I’d send you a few photos of Bella who is now 19 months old. Time has flown but it also feels like she’s been a part of our family forever. We just wondered if you’d heard from her brothers and sister at all? We’d love to know how they’re all doing. Also how her Mum is? (she’s a cavachon x toy poodle born in October 2014 if that helps!) We are tempted to get a companion for her soon, she is such a wonderful happy dog who makes us smile every day. Best Wishes Kara and Mark Bowen

Hi Tessa,
Just wanted to drop you a message to let you know that the little pup we had off you (now called Twinkie) is doing fine and is an absolute little diamond! She is confident, friendly and takes everything in her stride.  An total credit to your breeding.
Here is a picture of here hanging out in the sun with me on the deck of our boat which is one of her favourite places!

Hello Tessa, I thought you might like to see a picture of Lottie with her first rosette which she won at a fun dog show for ‘most attractive puppy up to 1 year old’! I have started taking her to a puppy class and she was completely unfazed to meet a Neapolitan Mastiff whose feet alone were bigger than her.  They were ‘little and large’ – thank goodness large was friendly! Needless to say I adore her, even though she is going through a nuclear crocodile stage at the moment. I hope you are well, With best wishes, Sheila

Hi Tessa Just wanted to let you know that Teddy, who we picked up last September, is doing really well. He’s settled into our family and has become best friends with our cat Leo. He has developed a lovely personality. He’s playful, energetic, sociable, affectionate and outgoing. He wants to make friends with everyone he meets. He’s really clever too & has learnt lots of tricks! He can be a little monkey too & if he gets hold of a toilet roll our house looks like an audition for the andrex advert! He’s so handsome too & gets attention wherever he goes! He loves nothing more than cuddles at the end of the day & he’s so affectionate. We don’t know what we’d do now without Ted! I’ll also send some pictures….. All the best, Natalie, Chris, Leo & Teddy x


Have been meaning to say hi for a while and show you how beautiful my Shit Tzu Bichon Frize is…



 I love him to bits.

P.S. A request and a bit of a long shot…are you in touch with any of the owners of his 4 brothers, I’d love to see what they look like and maybe share notes – don’t go to any trouble though.

Dear Tessa

It’s been a couple of months since I collected my little Finn from you just to say thank you for the start you gave him in life

he’s a cute little pup very very sociable love going out on his walks,playing with the other dogs on Wimbledon Common,

He has  developed a love for carrots if you can believe now hes teething,makes a change from chewing me!he is a very sweet little dogs with a loving personality so thank you for giving me such a lovely member of my family he’s not spoilt Mega and he has a lot of discipline but he is coming along well I wanted to send you a few photos so you can see him ,and many thanks for this little well bred pup

Best regards. Maggie Coombe

Hi Tessa Just want to thank you for such a lovely pup.  We have had Margo just over a week now and she is so settled and such a happy puppy.  She had learnt to wee on command already and we can’t wait to start puppy training. Thank you again Kirsty Barnard


Hi Tessa
Just wanted to send you a photo of my little Fudge, 3 years old today 26/1/2016, I purchased him from you in March 2013.    He was one of the darker pups in the litter but has gradually gone lighter as I knew he would, his Dad was an apricot poodle called Puddles, and mum was a little Bichon (unfortunately I cant remember her name).
He is a lovely little chap, and loves to sit on my lap for cuddles, while watching his favourite programme on TV – Paul O’Grady at Battersea Dogs Home!!  He also loves to play with his big brother Digby the labrodoodle.
I follow your website with interest and love the crosses that you do, so cute, and I have just discovered your videos on u-tube.
I would love to know if you have news of his siblings.
All Best Wishes Linda Lewis