Hello Tessa, we recently bought a westiepoo from you and we named him Bentley, he was a star travelling back to Malvern,  no problems at all, he took to the newspaper straight away for toilet training, he started doggy day care, which has been great for walkies, socialising with other dogs,and travelling in a car, he is the most adorable little dog, full of character and mischief, and we would’nt be with out him!
Regards Dawne & Tony


Hi Tessa, I have previously sent you feedback on little Annie my
yorkie/poodle I have from you back in May.  She is now nearly six
months old and is my little constant companion.  I just can’t remember
what life was like before I had her and don’t regret in any way buying
her from your excellent kennels.  I have recommended you to all my
friends, two of which, have had a puppy from you.  I want to thank you
once again for breeding such a remarkable little dog and am enclosing
two photos of her, one the day I brought her home the other as she is
now at five and a half months.  Thank you once again, regards, Rita
Jenkins from Milford Haven.
DSCF5301 DSCF5349



We came down to see you on August Bank Holiday Monday to have a look at an 11 week old pup and an 8 week old pup, the 8 week old was chose by us.
We were on holiday near Caernarfon and it took over 4 hours to get to you and another 4 to get back to our holiday chalet.
But was it worth it, oh yes, more than worth it.
She travelled all the way back with no trouble at all not sick even once. and when we got back to the chalet, gave her some supper, laid newspapers near the front and back doors ready to start toilet training, she amazed us once again as she started straight away using the paper at both doors.
She has never been a moments trouble and has the most fantastic personality you can ever imagine. Suzie answered to her name within 24 hours ran to the paper and even started to warn us when she wanted the loo when we were out with her.
It is the first time I have been to a breeder and it was fantastic, all the pups were in a  clean environment and all soiling was cleaned straight away and if I want another puppy I know where I will be ringing first, even though we live in Whitby, North Yorkshire it would be worth the trip knowing that both the people and the pups would be well worth the journey.
So once again thank you she is wonderful.


Anne, Joanne and Paige Illingworth  x x