We came down to see you on August Bank Holiday Monday to have a look at an 11 week old pup and an 8 week old pup, the 8 week old was chose by us.
We were on holiday near Caernarfon and it took over 4 hours to get to you and another 4 to get back to our holiday chalet.
But was it worth it, oh yes, more than worth it.
She travelled all the way back with no trouble at all not sick even once. and when we got back to the chalet, gave her some supper, laid newspapers near the front and back doors ready to start toilet training, she amazed us once again as she started straight away using the paper at both doors.
She has never been a moments trouble and has the most fantastic personality you can ever imagine. Suzie answered to her name within 24 hours ran to the paper and even started to warn us when she wanted the loo when we were out with her.
It is the first time I have been to a breeder and it was fantastic, all the pups were in a  clean environment and all soiling was cleaned straight away and if I want another puppy I know where I will be ringing first, even though we live in Whitby, North Yorkshire it would be worth the trip knowing that both the people and the pups would be well worth the journey.
So once again thank you she is wonderful.


Anne, Joanne and Paige Illingworth  x x

Feedback: Frodo – Yorkie Poo

Hi Tessa and Pauline


Just a short line to let you know that as far as Frodo, the Yorkie Poo I purchased from you last Friday, is concerned you should be very proud of him.  He’s a little champ.

He was undeterred by five dogs when I stayed at my sister’s and quite faced up to the rockweiller and German Shepherd with spirit.

He travelled excellently all the way back to Wigan and has settled into his new home with dogs tortoises chicken and cat very well.  Gimli, the Llasa Apso is slowly coming round but I expected this but Holly, the westie, has started playing with him and is very fond of him.

We have been to the woods, nearby and the park, even nearer and he is already showing some promise when given a short time on a lead.

I hope to send photos when I get organized.

He is eating very well and is on the whole relieving himself outside and sleeps well through the night.

So thank you he is everything I hoped for and more.  I love him to pieces.

Bye for now


Esther Valentine


Feedback: Fudge – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Hi Tessa, we bought little Fudge from you back in March & I just thought I would update you with his progress & a picture.  He really is the most lovely puppy, very bright & clever, eager to learn & play. We have just started puppy training classes & they were very impressed with his Sit, Down , & heel work. He & Digby my labradoodle are best friends.  Have attached a photo. Best Wishes Linda.

Feedback: Ruby – Toy Poodle x Shih-Tzu

Ruby is an adorable little toy poodle x shih-tzu puppy who had her own chartered plane fly over from jersey to collect her, she took it all in her stride!

Thx Tessa,
Ruby had a good night, slept well, eating well, pooing and peeing outside or on her pad. She’s a credit to you. Will certainly make sure we recommend your Kennels.
Thank you again,

Hi Tessa
Just a quickie to let you know that Ruby has settled in very well. She is so sweet and cute and couldnt be more loved. She is an extraordinarily bright little dog and can already do “wee wee and poo poo” outside on command and “fetch”.
I thought you may like to know that at her vet check and vaccinations today, after he had finished kissing her (!) the vet remarked what a healthy little dog she was…..perfect teeth alignment, eyes etc…….and a lovely calm temperament. She even fell asleep during her health check!
Obviously these things are so important and clearly make you stand out as a breeder.
Always happy to provide positive feedback to any “potential puppy parents” out there.
Kind regards and many thanks,
Amanda Johnson and family, Jersey

Hi Tessa, 

Thought you might like to have a photo of our babies on their 1st Birthday. They’re absolutely gorgeous … full of love, cuddles and mischief…! Heidi adores them and is a very patient adopted Mummy!
How are you and your puppy tribe?
All the best,