Feedback: Bella – Quick as a Whippit

Hi Tessa,
As promised, here is another picture of Bella (along with her adoptive sister Kimi, on the left) with her first ever rosette at a UK Agility show. She took a couple of months settling into the show scene as she was so excited at being in the ring and decided that her courses were better than the ones the judge set. As I knew she would, she finally got there this weekend and not only got a clear round in her steeplechase run (jumps and tunnels), but also came first! So convincingly that she was 2.5 seconds faster than the dog in second place. As I have said before, she is such a wonderful dog who still loves people and other dogs. Thank you so much for the brilliant start you gave her in life. Here’s looking forward to many more rosettes and hopefully a place at the national UKA finals at Christmas.
All the best,
Mark and Kirsty Bentley

Feedback: BeBe <-- From the dog!?!?

Hello Mummy Tessa
It has been almost a week now since I left my home in South Wales and thought it was about time I wrote and let you know how I’m getting on.
Having chosen my new Mummy and Daddy (Mummy tells everyone I did that and I think she may be right…….) The journey home was very long, I whimpered for about ten to fifteen minutes but Mummy cuddled, stroked and spoke to me all the way and it made me feel a lot better, I wasn’t sick and I didn’t pee or anything! I found a little toy cat in the car and  I cuddled into it and my new Mummy!
When we arrived at my new home I was greeted by Bitzie the cat,  she is 19 and very deaf! I wagged my tail and tried to be nice but she decided to go behind the sofa, we didn’t see her for a few days, Mummy said she was sulking! but she is now coming out and watching me, well studies me really! I think she now wants to be my friend but she scares me! I play safe and and keep out of her way, I think we will be fine, Bitzie rules the roost…………….for now! What is a cat anyway????
I am eating well, Mummy is feeding me pedigree at the moment. She mixes a little meat with the biscuits which I really like, I tend to pick the meat out first and then go back for the dry food! Oh and I sneak some of Bitzie’s cat food when no one is looking – I keep hearing the word ‘no’ and am just starting to understand what it means!
I am walking very well on the lead which is really impressing Mummy and Daddy although I never walk very far and only for short periods! I almost walk to heal and even when they let me off the lead I walk with them or just behind them – they think I’m great and very clever because they haven’t taught me anything I do it all on my own! I impress them even more when I stop for a sniff, they carry on walking but as soon as they call me I run to them and sit by their feet – just how clever am I! They really do love me and do you know what? I do them too! I have met all of the family now and lots of people have come to meet me and have brought me presents, they all love me too – I think I will be very happy and I keep hearing Mummy and Daddy say how happy I have made them!
Tomorrow I am going to the vets to register and have a check up, Mummy & Daddy want to have a chat and get advice form the vet

 – they want to make sure they are doing everything right for me. I must tell you though they have renamed me BeBe! Daddy tried really hard to call me Boo Boo but it just didn’t happen so BeBe it is – Mummy thought of it as it is short for Bluebell!
Anyway Mummy and Daddy want to say thank you to you for providing them with the most beautiful Pup – the most beautiful girl in the world! I think that’s me………….
I will keep in touch
Lots of tail wagging and licks
BeBe xx

Feedback: Miley

Hi Stella

Just wanted to let you know how Miley was doing.
She travelled very well on the way home in fact she slept most of the way and when we eventually got home went outside and went to the toilet – fab.
So far she seems to be settling well and has few accidents just a bundle of fluffy fun who loves company. An absolutely gorgeous little girl.!
  I have today booked her in for her jab at 10 weeks at a local vets which is just around the corner.
I will contact you in a few more weeks and let you know how she is progressing.
Lynne Condliffe and Family

Feedback: Flora


Hi!  Just wanted to send you a picture of our lovely Flora who is now 17 weeks old.  She is a wonderful addition to our family, so friendly, funny and loveable.  She has obviously been socialised with lots of people and dogs in her first few weeks as she is not afraid of anyone or any dog!  She is an absolute dream and we all love her dearly.  From the moment she arrived here she seemed calm and settled, no nerves whatsoever.  She is a complete charmer, everyone who meets her falls in love with her.


Kind regards