We came down to see you on August Bank Holiday Monday to have a look at an 11 week old pup and an 8 week old pup, the 8 week old was chose by us.
We were on holiday near Caernarfon and it took over 4 hours to get to you and another 4 to get back to our holiday chalet.
But was it worth it, oh yes, more than worth it.
She travelled all the way back with no trouble at all not sick even once. and when we got back to the chalet, gave her some supper, laid newspapers near the front and back doors ready to start toilet training, she amazed us once again as she started straight away using the paper at both doors.
She has never been a moments trouble and has the most fantastic personality you can ever imagine. Suzie answered to her name within 24 hours ran to the paper and even started to warn us when she wanted the loo when we were out with her.
It is the first time I have been to a breeder and it was fantastic, all the pups were in a  clean environment and all soiling was cleaned straight away and if I want another puppy I know where I will be ringing first, even though we live in Whitby, North Yorkshire it would be worth the trip knowing that both the people and the pups would be well worth the journey.
So once again thank you she is wonderful.


Anne, Joanne and Paige Illingworth  x x


Ellie Stanford.  Hi, 
Well it’s been a while now but here goes! My wonderful Sophie (Pug x Cairn) turned 12 on July 3rd this year. I was bought her as a present for my 9th birthday. She is fantastic and faultless. She is my faithful companion.
We entered the world of showing together as she she hit 9months old and never looked back. She’s competed nationally at Scrufts twice, as well as in the Companion Dog Club shows at Discover Dogs. She has been everywhere with me and wherever we go she is loved. Most recently she won a competition run by Pedigree after a trail of their joint care sticks. We won a photoshoot and lots of goodies.
I fell for Pugs because of her and 3 years ago bought a little black Pug bitch to keep her company. I have included a few pictures from the last few months, sorry there are so many!
Thank you for Sophie. My life wouldn’t be complete without her.
Ellie Stanford.


Hello Tessa
We thought that we would update you on our Shih Tzu, Sophie that we got from you 2 years ago
Ever since we got her home she has been a source of enjoyment for us both, she has a personality that is more human than dog
and with her facial expressions we can tell if she is happy, sad, quizzical,hungry, playfull, wants a treat or is even sulky.
Everybody who meets her falls in love with her and wants to take her home, from Kim’s hairdresser to the girls in the grooming parlour.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2013-01-19 12.45.0020121028_140925
She is such a loving and trusting dog and has been so loyal to Kim through her recent illness that we can’t thank you enough, we will be looking to get another Shih Tzu from you next year so that Sophie has another playmate
I have attached some recent pics for you
Many thanks


Kim and Nigel


Dear Tessa,

It has been a while now but i thought i’d drop you a line.photo0275
Well Titch has now been with me for nearly a year now and i have to say a massive thank you to you and your team for letting us have titch, she is just over a year old now, and bundles of fun.
She has completely made this her home, she is settled and sulks when i have to go to work even though she is with doli and mum while im out.  She has an absolutely amazing personality that has now shone through.  She is always making me laugh with her little querky ways.
They say that there is only one dog that is truly your dog and i have found mine in titch, i do not know where i would be if i didnt have her, she is so affectionate and gentle, she has also given doli a new lease of life, Doli runs around now as if she is a puppy again it is comical to watch the two of them playing.
Once again thank you so much, i have attached a few pics.
kind regards
angharad williams