Feedback: Hardy & Lillie

puppies were good on journey home slept most of it, they settled quite well , ate and drank well and bugged Mitzee all the time when we got in , following her around everywhere and crying when she went upstairs as they cannot manage the stairs yet!!

they slept ok and I was up at 2.30 and 4.30 settled them back down till 7ish so not too bad!

Hardy is brilliant at doing a wee as soon as he goes in the garden and is a poo machine !! Lillie is v good too but we have had a few accidents on the way to garden, they love the grass and running about with Mitzee.
they are all getting on really well and Mitzee is no longer sulking. They love the toys we have bought and they love running with Mitzee when she fetches the ball. We got a load of attention today at pets at home when we got their id tags.

I have registered with my vet and they are booked in to puppy classes on Thursdays in March and April and they will be having jabs and chips on 28th of this month.

I will send some photos when they grow a little bigger,

regards and thank you so much we are all so much in love with them already

Becki Ross, Carly, Mitzee, Hardy and Lillie x