So happy with Milo

I actually put my name on the waiting list for a Poochon puppy with Tessa after reading her testimonials and seeing the beautiful pictures of her litters.

Milo was born on 09/10/2022 and I was able to see the litter and chose Milo the following weekend. While I was waiting for Milo, I was able to visit and bring him a blanket and toy which would give my scent and also gather scents from the kennel from when he was ready to leave.

Tessa was absolutely amazing throughout. When I hadn’t been able to visit, I would email and Tessa would send l progress pictures. I have so many lovely pictures of Milo’s first weeks!

Since bringing Milo home on 09/12/2022 he has become a wonderful member of our family. He is an adorable character, and absolutely gorgeous. I am so happy that I found Tessa, and would recommend her to anyone looking for their fur baby. Thank you so much, Tessa x