Frodo is amazing

We’ve been talking about another dog for a while after our lovely old rescue dog died and after lots of research we got in contact with Tessa and she was brilliant at guiding us through. We’ve never had a puppy but once we met Frodo we fell in love and our life turned upside down but in such a great way – our family and friends are also smitten and so our home is full of squeaky toys. He settled within a few days and is a happy very waggy tailed member of the family- after 2 weeks he plays fetch, he sits, happily sleeps in his crate, and is progressing well with house training and walks on his lead around the garden. Our lovely vet commented that he’s ‘absolutely perfect’ and after his jabs this week we’re off to explore our favourite beach, he already lives car rides. He is such a brilliant little character and we look forward to lots of adventures, thank you Tessa!