balleeeeHi this is Seren one of your cavapoos. 2 years ago I left you to go home with my human Ruth so thought I would let you know what I have been up to.

I settled really quickly in my new home and didn’t even whimper at night. As well as my human there are 2 cats in my family called Purdy and Tailor. They took turns at puppy sitting but I had more fun when Tailor puppy sat as he was good for a romp. Purdy on the other hand always insisted that I lay down quietly and behaved myself.Tailor puppy sitting

Very soon I realised that Ruth needed a bit more looking after than the average human so I set to work to make her life easier. I started by tidying up Purdy’s plastic food plate from the floor. I did accidently chew on it a bit but soon realised I needed to take her plate into the kitchen without decorating the edge with tooth marks.

Sometimes those cats (usually Tailor) can be a bit naughty and knock things down so, as soon as I hear it, I run over, pick up whatever they have knocked down and take it to Ruth. Gradually I have learnt to pick up lots of different things. To begin with I wasn’t keen on the car keys as they made rather a noise when I picked them up but soon realised they were really important. Once Ruth threw a blanket down the stairs and it landed across the bottom 4 stairs. I haven’t had any training on this but I realised she was in trouble so pulled it down onto the floor.

In my spare time I have become totally addicted to balllleeeeeeee J. There is nothing I enjoy more than charging after it to bring it back or leaping up to catch it in the air. And if we are at the beach it is even more fun. If Ruth is sitting down when she throws the ball I don’t have a care in the world. If though she is standing up woe betide any dog that tries to push her around – I won’t stand for that and tell them to back off – however big they are. I have also have fun doing flyball and adore the run backs. At 6kg though I don’t trigger the box yet.

I am now starting a new chapter in my life as Ruth and I have been accepted by Dog A.I.D. for assistance dog training. If I work hard and learn everything my trainer teaches Ruth to do with me I can become a registered assistance dog. I already know how to behave myself beautifully when out in public and frequently get comments on my good behaviour and usefulness.

Well that’s all for now. I will let you know how I get on with my assistance dog training.

Woofs, Seren.