RILEY – mini schnauzer x bichon frise

 Hi Tessa, 
I would like to extend a massive and heartfelt “thank you!” for providing us with the gorgeous ‘Riley’, our delightful Chonzer, who I bought from Castellan Kennels some four years ago!!  The reason it has taken me so long to get in touch is because it has only been quite recently that I have been able to download photographs from my phone to my laptop . . I have always been quite useless with gadgets – it must be an age thing!

Riley is loved by all who meet him . . he was a real character when we initially met him with his mum ‘Lottie’ and he has continued to exude charm and lovliness wherever he goes.  He is a super-playful little dog and extremely loving.  He has bags of energy and is full of mischief.  He has brought such joy to the household!

Thank you so much once again for the wonderful gift of ‘Riley’ who is a much loved member of our family.  I would thoroughly recommend a Chonzer to anyone who is looking for a puppy – they are just the most friendly, loving and adorable little dogs you could ever wish for!  I have recommended Castellan Kennels to everyone I know who is looking to purchase a puppy . . you are a wonderful establishment!

Warmest Wishes,
Claire Lloyd