Willow, cairn x mini schnauzer girl

Hi Tessa

Willow the Cairn x Schnauzer that be bought from you In December 2013 is now 10 months old. As you can see she is an absolute beauty. She is the funniest little thing with loads of energy. She loves a ball, any ball, doesn’t matter who it belongs to. She does a little gardening for us now and again, apparently we have been putting plants in the wrong place. She is also the first of our 3 dogs to bury a bone, usually in the rockery. She loves other dogs and is fearless. She had made a race track around the garden for chasing her big sisters with. She travels brilliantly in the car. She has also turned out to be the perfect size for our grandchildren to be able to hold her lead on our walks.

Thank you for our little champion. One day we will come back and get her another sister.


Adele and Ian Wooton