Part of the family – I always wanted 4 children!

I had been in touch with Tessa for about 18 months and she let me know when she had some new pups, but none was the one we were looking for. Little did I know my life was about to change forever !!!
Having never had a dog I was extremely anxious when meeting our gorgeous cavapoo for the first time. Tessa filled me with confidence however and helped me every step of the way. On arriving home he already knew where to go to the toilet and despite the occasional accident he has been a star !! He clearly had a very good start in life as he loves being around other people and is happy and sociable! We have had Nuno for nearly 4 weeks now and we cannot remember life without him! He is a much loved member of the family and has already given us much joy. He loves playing at the beach and is a source of constant admiration by others. We of course recommend Castellan kennels and the great work of Tessa!
Thank you – I never expected to be a dog owner but with the encouragement of
my children, the hard work of Tessa and the sheer delight I have in our puppy, I am absolutely loving it!