Hi Teresa my name is Jessica Morgan I don’t imagine you’d remember as I know you deal with a lot of people but about 4 years so we got our wonderful little dog from you, he’s doing great but on the rare occasions he’s alone he’s getting lonely and we’re thinking it maybe a good time to look at getting a friend for him.We’d be looking for the same as him so a miniature schnauzer x bichon frise boy, I noticed on your site that you may have a litter of these due sometime soon and I was wondering if you could tell me ruffly when they might be due/ready and how much one would be likely to cost? We do live a little way from you so last time you sent us photos and we were able to pick Merlin and send you the deposit, if you still allow this that would be great for us.

Look forward to hearing from you, as soon as we decided to get a second dog we wanted to contact you, we couldn’t be happier with Merlin every where we go people want to keep him. I’ve attached a picture showing you how he is now (the woolier coat is when he’s due clipping and in the top corner he’s laying in the clean towels warm out of the dryer which he loves!)
Thanks for your time, Jess