Feedback: BJ – Shih Tzu/Miniature Schnauzer Cross

Dear Tessa,

I hope you can remember me purchasing a shih tzu x min snauchzer from you in March 2010. Brian (my Husband) and I named him BJ and I thought to send you a few photographs of how he is now at the age of 2 years and 5 months. He adores cuddles and always pushes himself into our arms or around us. He is full of energy and bounce and love.

Brian and I have never had any destruction from him, he mixed in from the very start with Bruno (now 13 years and 5 months), Dee who will be 7 years in July and Tia who was 8 in April.

BJ is at his happiest when he is in the house and gardens and people and children can come in and he welcomes them and adores them. We find him very sensitive. Brian and I only have to tell him off (not shout or even touch him) and he scuttles off and lies quiet, just watching us with his eyes and wagging his tail slowly as if to say…..forgive me!. On one occasion Brian told him off, BJ didnt go near Brian for ages. We find that strange as we never or would never dream of hitting any of our dogs….but he is so tuned into the fact he knows when he is naughty.

As you can see, he is gorgeous. His fur is very curly like the snauchzer and Judy has cut and groomed him so he does tend to look more like the snauchzer than the shih tzu. He is taller than Bruno, Dee and Tia and also muscled and solid.

Brian and I adore him (as we do the others). He certainly is a real cutie and a huge part of our doggie family. I hope Kiaser and Scandal are fine and I have kept their photographs. I only got a photo of Scandal’s face and if its possible Tessa, would you mind very much if you could send me some more. I love keeping an album of all our doggies (or our furry kids as they are more commonly known).

With kind regards

Keinne and Brian Loren-Evans