Yorkshire Terrier

Feedback: Frodo – Yorkie Poo

Hi Tessa and Pauline


Just a short line to let you know that as far as Frodo, the Yorkie Poo I purchased from you last Friday, is concerned you should be very proud of him.  He’s a little champ.

He was undeterred by five dogs when I stayed at my sister’s and quite faced up to the rockweiller and German Shepherd with spirit.

He travelled excellently all the way back to Wigan and has settled into his new home with dogs tortoises chicken and cat very well.  Gimli, the Llasa Apso is slowly coming round but I expected this but Holly, the westie, has started playing with him and is very fond of him.

We have been to the woods, nearby and the park, even nearer and he is already showing some promise when given a short time on a lead.

I hope to send photos when I get organized.

He is eating very well and is on the whole relieving himself outside and sleeps well through the night.

So thank you he is everything I hoped for and more.  I love him to pieces.

Bye for now


Esther Valentine


Feedback: Luigi – Yoodle

Hi Tessa
I just wanted to say that our ‘yoodle’ puppy (Luigi) that we bought from you on 5th June has continued to be absolutely gorgeous.  From the moment we picked him up from you he snuggled into the children and now sits on the bottom stair awaiting their return from days out.  He has fitted into our family as if he should have always have been there.  We get stopped all the time asking what breed he is and how friendly he is to everyone!
  He won the waggiest tail competition at Pets @ Home last week!
Best wishes and many thanks for giving him such a good start in life.  I’ve mentioned your website to many friends
Julie Morris

Feedback: Leo

Hi Tessa

Happy New Year to you – hope you and all the dogs had a good Christmas 🙂

I did! I had presents to open which was fabulous …….. sooooo many chews and some toys, it was great! My pack took me out visiting – I went to both my grandparents houses and to visit some friends too. I was very well behaved – or so I’m told 🙂   Nans house was the best – she lives by the woods and we went for a very long walk. No lead – wahey 🙂 🙂 🙂

Did you know I’m 7 months old now??!!!! I went for my flea treatment and a check up at the vets this morning and I now weigh a whole 4.5kg! Mum says I’m “coming on very nicely!”

I’ve attached a picture so you can see how I look now.

Sorry its only short – I’ve just woken from a big snooze as I’ve been for a 1.5 hour walk with my good friend Buster. I’m just about to have my tea and then Grandad is coming to spend the night so I’ll need to be ready to give out lots of kisses and cuddles on his lap. Such a hard life being a dog 🙂

I have been a great little boy since I arrived here and love being spoilt, Dad says I make the family complete 🙂


Love & woofs

Leo xx


Feedback: Denzi – Yorkie

Hi, Tessa
Thought you would like this picture of our Denzi boy. He has had a puppy cut because his fur was so thick. He is amazing and is so much like or dog Toby who died its quote unnerving but he definitely has his own personality though!

Our dog groomer has fallen in love with him because he is the most patient dog ever. He also recognises when I need my inhaler for my asthma by tapping my arm. Everyone where we live loves him and he is a wonderful friend for Sammy, our other Yorkie, they sleep together on the bottom of our bed!!!
I cannot thank you enough for our little boy and your patience when we first got him and needed your help. I will recommend your kennels and lots of people have asked where we got Denzi from because he is so adorable. He is completely house trained at 5 and a half months!!
Here is Denzi and Sammy after their walk has’nt he grown? He is long bodied like his Mum Molly


Paula & Steve Watts