Shih Tzu


Dear Tessa,

It has been a while now but i thought i’d drop you a line.photo0275
Well Titch has now been with me for nearly a year now and i have to say a massive thank you to you and your team for letting us have titch, she is just over a year old now, and bundles of fun.
She has completely made this her home, she is settled and sulks when i have to go to work even though she is with doli and mum while im out.  She has an absolutely amazing personality that has now shone through.  She is always making me laugh with her little querky ways.
They say that there is only one dog that is truly your dog and i have found mine in titch, i do not know where i would be if i didnt have her, she is so affectionate and gentle, she has also given doli a new lease of life, Doli runs around now as if she is a puppy again it is comical to watch the two of them playing.
Once again thank you so much, i have attached a few pics.
kind regards
angharad williams



     Just a short message to say that Alfie is doing really well, he is growing at a rate of knots and thoroughly enjoying his life as a mini German Shepherd!!!  He has learned to sit and has a fabulous “Down” action which involves throwing himself at the floor in an attempt at lying down as fast as possible.  He absolutely loves the beach near our house but gets a little upset because the Shepherds always get to the ball before he does, even though he runs VERY fast.
  He is going in the caravan next week to Tenby for a little holiday, such a hard life for a little man I have to say.
  Anyway I am enclosing a couple of Pictures for you to see,   All the best,     Kerry Sides


Hi Tessa
Here is an update on Rolo. He is simply FANTASTIC! !!
We all love him to bits. He was as good as gold for his 1st Grooming session. (She said you had done a fantastic job ) He is fabulous around children of all ages and loves people. The photo is of Rolo wearing his jacket for the first time for a walk in the park.
Thank you for all your hard work during the first 9 weeks it has all paid off!  We have a fantastic 15 week old puppy who everyone adores.
Davina H-M and family