Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Feedback: Sam – Cavapoo

Just emailing to let you know how little Sam the Cavapoo is getting on since bringing him home on the 14th of January. He has settled in well and is always extremely playful and happy to see everybody. His toilet training is coming along nicely, took a bit of time but he is now asking to go out by jumping up at the back door which I’m very pleased about.
His current favourite toy is sausages on a rope which he absolutely loves to jump up at and chase around (have attached pictures of him in action!).
We went to our first puppy training class last Sunday at Barnlake House. Sam was really shy and nervous at first but it didn’t take long for him to find his feet and start running around playing with the other pups.
Everybody really loves Sam, can’t imagine our family without him now.
Kind Regards,

Feedback: Bella – Cavapoo

Hi, Sorry it has taken a while to write, we have been so busy with our little Bella – she has taken over our house and really become part of the family. She is fantastic. She settled in so well when we got her. We set up a quiet corner for her, but all she wanted was to be with her new mummy and daddy.

It has been such a joy watching her grow and training her. She passed her puppy classes with flying colours and we are now working towards her bronze Kennel club good citizen’s award. She has also started learning to go through tunnels and running over flat jumps for when she is ready to start agility classes. She has come along to watch her big sister Kimi at some shows already.

Thank you so much for such a joy of a puppy. She was really easy to socialise as she was so used to both people and other dogs. It has also been really easy with keeping up her grooming after all the practise she had with you. She is a truly wonderful puppy and everyone who meets her falls in love with her.

I have attached some picture for you as well, often with our other dog Kimi, who has come into her own since we got her little sister. 3 are from this summer, the others are from when we first got her – we will try to send you some more soon, particularly when she starts agility.

Thank you again Mark and Kirsty Bentley

Feedback: Dora – Cavapoo

Hi Teresa,

We got a cavapoo from you in July who was born to Dora in May. We have named her Dora after her mum. Just a email to say she has a lovely temprement like her mum and she picks up training very easily. She does love walks and loves rolling around in MUD!!

I’ve attached some pictures as you wanted some when she was getting bigger.I know she is only 6 months old but i think she is about fully grown but she will get a bit fatter.

Thanks Mark and Claire