Feedback: Luigi – Yoodle

Hi Tessa
I just wanted to say that our ‘yoodle’ puppy (Luigi) that we bought from you on 5th June has continued to be absolutely gorgeous.  From the moment we picked him up from you he snuggled into the children and now sits on the bottom stair awaiting their return from days out.  He has fitted into our family as if he should have always have been there.  We get stopped all the time asking what breed he is and how friendly he is to everyone!
  He won the waggiest tail competition at Pets @ Home last week!
Best wishes and many thanks for giving him such a good start in life.  I’ve mentioned your website to many friends
Julie Morris

Feedback: Evie

Hi Tessa

Sorry it’s taken me a while, but just thought you’d like to see Evie in her new home – this was taken on day 2.

She’s thriving and giving so much joy to me.  She’s also melting everyone she meets!


Hope all is good with you.

Best wishes


Feedback: Ruby – Miniature Schnauzer

Hi Tessa
Ruby will be a year old tomorrow, as you can see she has grown into a lovely dog.
She settled in really quickly, and is great fun to have around. She is a very loving and loyal dog, and just loves meeting people.
The picture was taken on our first holiday with Ruby. It was on a camp-site and she really enjoyed it, must have worn her out though, as she lay down and slept for nearly 24 hours!!
The cat was not too impressed with our new addition, especially as the new puppy just wanted to chase and play with him. But he is now used to her, and even chases her back occasionally.
We really are glad we decided to get a dog, and could not have picked a better one. We could not imagine life without her now.
Many Thanks
Alison and Pete Mitchell.

Feedback: Chica

Hi Tessa,
Just wanted to let you know that Chica has settled in nicely, she’s got used to the crate very quickly & is eating/drinking well.
We’ve had so much fun with her already, who needs tv?! So far she’s terrorized our poor cat & has tried to eat everything out in the back garden.
Thanks for everything
Lisa & Gary (Somerset)