Binky – poochon puppy

Hi Tessa,
I hope you are well. Wanted to leave some feedback for your website on Binky (the gorgeous Poochon girl puppy) I purchased in September
I’ve attached a photo of Binky who is now 5 months old (although this was taken when she was a bit younger). She is so gorgeous, has a great little personality (she can find a dropped tissue a mile off!) and I can’t imagine life without her. She loves going to doggy day care and mixing with the other dogs but also loves sitting by me, on me (sometimes she finds sitting on my head the most comfortable!) and can squeeze herself into the smallest space to sleep, even though she has the whole room!
Thank you for all your help in the build up to me picking her up. As a first time puppy-owner you really helped with my worries!
Love from Carol and Binky! x