Hi tessa
Just a quick email to say ive settled in my new home an everyone loves me i have fitted in really well and am very happy all who look after me they love me and give lots of cuddles heres a nice picture of me you can put it on your website if you want to
Dexter and family




Hi Tessa


Just to keep you updated with Harri’s progress.  He is 12 weeks old now and has all his injections and has been micro chipped so is ready to face the world.  He has a very healthy appetite and now weighs 2.2 kg.  He loves playing in the garden and can already fetch a ball although he is not always quite so keen to give it back.  He has certainly encouraged everyone in the house to put their shoes away as he is very quick at finding unattended ones and having a good chew!!


Nothing seems to faze him, we recently took him to the beach and he thoroughly enjoyed playing on the sand as well as receiving a lot of attention from the other beach goers.


Sending you our very best wishes


Sarah Haynes and Harri

IMG_0006 (3)

Hello Tessa, Here are photos of Barney and Frankie taken recently, Frankie is on the left of the photo of the two puppies and also wearing the coat. They have settled in
very well. Frankie lives with our daughter and family. They see each often and get on really well with other dogs.

Best wishes

Carmen Lamerton




Tessa,We wanted to drop you a little note on Coach’s first birthday to let you know how well he’s getting on.If you can’t recall him, here’s a photo to jog your memory…

He’s grown into happy, healthy dog with the friendliest, sweetest temperament you could imagine. He’s a real city dog, enjoys travelling on the tube and falling asleep in pubs. People adore him, he gets so much attention whenever he’s in public (which he loves), he has lots of friends in our local park and we can’t imagine being without him.

We hope you’re well and things are going swimmingly in Pembrokeshire.

Best Wishes,

Ben and Emily










Hi Tess

Just to let you know that the pup is settling in well. We decided to change her name to Bella. We thought it suits her better.
She has had a busy 4 weeks after leaving you. Lucky her new ‘auntie Wizzi’ is a westie, just like her mum and they have taken to each other very well.
We thought you’d like a few photos.
All the best
Helen Hack & Bella



Hi Tessa

It’s now 6 weeks since we brought our gorgeous Maltichon puppy, Daisy, home to Skewen in Neath.

She is now nearly 18 weeks and has grown so quickly.  She  is fully house-trained and is having training and socialisation in classes with lots of other dogs, big and small. She’s had her first grooming and is due another soon.   She is quite a character and very cheeky. We are quite besotted with her.  She loves the garden and chewing leaves (which we tell her off about constantly) so we’re hoping she’ll grow out of that soon.  She is getting used to the necessary daily brushing of her lovely white coat and to eye cleaning, and she quite likes minty doggie toothpaste on the brush!

We are now very glad not to have had two puppies together as one is enough for now but we plan to have another, when we retire and have more time.

Here’s some pics taken this week (8th August 2015).

Best wishes.

Mary & Michael Cratchley


















































Hello Tessa,
We just wanted to give you a quick update on our Shih Tzu x Bichon Frise pup that we picked up on August 3rd. He’s absolutely lovely! His name is Arne and he’s such a sweet boy. When we take him to the dog park he gets on really well with all of the other dogs, even the really big ones. He’s been great fun and is learning some basic commands like “sit”, although we’re starting puppy training classes soon! He’s a little bit spoilt, but we can’t help it! Everywhere we go people stop us to ask what he is and to say how gorgeous he is! He has an Instagram account and his user name is arnedoodle . We’re absolutely in love with him!
April and Joephoto 5photo 1